Lowkey.gg (YC S18) یک مهندس تمام پشته استخدام می کند (از راه دور امکان پذیر است)


Lowkey.gg (YC S18) is hiring a full-stack engineer (remote possible)
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Lowkey.gg is a startup for amateur esports out of Y Combinator, backed by 2 NBA teams and the founders of Plaid Tinder. Our mission is to provide high-quality esports to the mass of casual players and communities built around gaming.

We just started working with some pro teams (e.g. NRG, 100Thieves, etc) to build out amateur leagues for them, and we’re looking for some engineers to help out. We’re a very small technical team out of Harvard, so if you’re interested in joining and excited about esports, we’d love to chat.

The setup would be like a part-time remote sort of deal (we’ll pay pretty well). Our stack is React/Node/GraphQL/Postgres; there’s a ton of stuff to build so you should be reasonably experienced in React at least. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to ping jessetanzhang@gmail.com!

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