Lovehoney مجموعه ای از بسته های اسباب بازی های جنسی مقرون به صرفه را راه اندازی کرده است


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Lovehoney is offering a range of bundles for £50.
Lovehoney is offering a range of bundles for £50.

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ByJoseph GreenMashable Shopping

TL;DR:Lovehoneyis offering a range of bundles for £50, saving you up to £109 on list price.

Bundles deals are popular because you end up with all the products you need at the same time, at a discounted rate. We’re all pretty familiar with gaming, headphone, laptop, tablet, and even TV bundles, but what about sex toy bundles?

Lovehoneyis now offering a wide range of kinky options, including a massage bundle, bondage bundle, and much more. There really is something for everyone, especially at the low prices being offered right now.

You can pick up any one of these bundles for just£50 on Lovehoney, and save up to £109 on list price. Each option is packed full of goodies, and you get a lot for your money. Seriously, some of the included products are worth the price alone. 

Consumer technology dominates the conversation around bundles, but this might be about to change with the introduction of these sex toy selections. 

Save big on these bargain bundles from Lovehoney.


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